Watch Cindy Makhathini Ceiling Video Original Video Viral

Cindy Makhathini has taken the internet by storm with her catchy new song “Ceiling” and its accompanying TikTok dance challenge. As a rising musical artist, Makhathini has crafted a unique style that resonates with countless fans. In this article, we at Goldsport dive into the sensational world of Makhathini’s latest viral hit, including a breakdown of the popular moves that have everyone grooving.

Cindy Makhathini Ceiling Video Original Video Viral
Cindy Makhathini Ceiling Video Original Video Viral

Over the past few months, South African musician Cindy Makhathini has quickly become a TikTok sensation. Her song “Ceiling” is the tune behind a fast-spreading dance challenge that has users across the globe attempting to master lively moves set to the catchy beat.

With thousands of TikToks adapting the routine and racks up millions of views, this viral challenge highlights Makhathini’s distinctive musical style and influence as an up-and-coming artist.

In this comprehensive guide, we at Goldsport break down the key details around this trend, including:

  • The story and motivation behind Makhathini’s hit song
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the “Ceiling” dance challenge
  • An analysis of why this TikTok trend resonated widely
  • Makhathini’s notable musical achievements so far
  • Fan reactions and discussions around the viral challenge

By the end, you’ll have an in-depth look at how this talented musician took TikTok by storm and created one of the biggest dance challenges of 2022. Time to get moving to the beats!

Introduction about Cindy Makhathini Ceiling Video
Introduction about Cindy Makhathini Ceiling Video
Cindy Makhathini Ceiling Challenge

Cindy Makhathini is a singer, songwriter, and dancer who hails from South Africa. While still establishing herself in the music scene, she has quickly made a name with her high-energy tracks that seamlessly combine Amapiano (a style of South African house music) and dance/pop.

Makhathini’s unique sound and skillful choreography first drew attention with songs like “Suka” and “Phoyisa.” However, it was the release of “Ceiling” earlier this year that catapulted her into virality.

The inspiration behind the tune ties into its lyrics about aspirational success – “I hit the ceiling, I hit the roof, go higher than I thought I could.” Makhathini shared that the message reflects her own rising career, wanting to push past limitations.

This mix of an infectious beat, symbolic lyrics, and lively dance moves turned “Ceiling” into the perfect foundation for a viral TikTok challenge. As users tried emulating Makhathini’s routine in their own videos, the trend spread rapidly, introducing the world to this talented star-on-the-rise.

The Sensational Talent Behind the Trend
The Sensational Talent Behind the Trend

The “Ceiling” TikTok challenge features an upbeat dance routine set to Makhathini’s rhythmic track. While the fast-paced moves take some skill and coordination, it’s also accessible enough for beginners to try out.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to nailing the viral TikTok dance:

1. Start with feet apart, bouncing to the beat

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Start bouncing up and down to get a feel for the rhythm.

2. Cross arms and pump upwards

As Makhathini sings “I hit the ceiling,” cross your arms in an X across your chest, then pump them up over your head.

3. Hip sways and arm swings

Place hands on your hips and swing them side-to-side. As you sway, swing your arms up and around in circles.

4. “Shooting” hand moves

For the “I hit the roof” line, form finger guns with both hands, shooting them upwards. Then swing arms down in a half-circle.

5. Jump and clap sequence

Jump up, clapping twice above your head. Land with feet apart, clapping twice at hip level.

6. Repeat and improvise

Do a few repetitions of the sequence, adding your own energy and style. End with a pose once the song finishes.

The key is channeling the lively spirit of Makhathini’s original routine. Nailing all the moves takes practice, but the challenge allows plenty of room for personal flair.

Breaking Down the High-Energy Dance Moves
Breaking Down the High-Energy Dance Moves

It’s easy to see why the “Ceiling” challenge blew up online – it’s fun, uplifting and highly sharable. Beyond the dance moves, a few key factors contributed to its viral success:

The Catchy Sound

Makhathini’s track is energetic and feel-good, with a catchy chorus, punchy beats and her powerful vocals. It gets stuck in your head instantly.

Simplicity of the Routine

The moves are accessible for beginners but still unique and engaging enough for more advanced dancers. The sequence is easy to follow.

Aspirational Lyrics

Lines like “Go higher than I thought I could” resonate with users. The message to keep pushing yourself is empowering.

Makhathini’s Stage Presence

Videos showcasing the artist’s impressive talents helped drive interest. People wanted to dance like her.

High Engagement

Early adopters inspired others to try it out. The influx of TikToks showed how fun it was.

These factors created the perfect viral storm, showcasing Makhathini’s skills and skyrocketing “Ceiling” to TikTok fame.

While “Ceiling” quickly became Makhathini’s signature hit, she has dropped other upbeat tracks and routines that highlight her artistic range. Here are some of the rising star’s other top tunes:

One of her first breakout hits, its high-tempo Afropop sound and lively dance moves established Makhathini’s musical style.

The track seamlessly blends Amapiano beats with pop elements. Its TikTok challenge features fun ’90s-inspired choreography.

Marks her first English crossover track. The lyrics celebrate self-confidence and chasing success.

Showcases Makhathini’s incredible footwork skills. The fast-paced kwaito track is tailor-made for high-energy dances.

While very distinct, these songs all bear Makhathini’s musical trademarks – feel-good energy, bold vocals, and sharp choreography. It’s easy to see how her artistry shines, even beyond “Ceiling.”

It’s safe to say the TikTok community is loving the “Ceiling” challenge. Across platforms, fans and first-time listeners of Cindy Makhathini have been sharing their reactions. Here are some of the key discussions:


  • Users express excitement trying the routine and tag friends to attempt it
  • Many note how “addicting” and “mood-boosting” the track is
  • Comments praise Makhathini’s impressive talent


  • Fans tweet about having the song stuck in their head
  • Many share how empowering and inspirational the lyrics are
  • Viral tweets analyze why this blew up compared to Makhathini’s past hits


  • Dance covers show creative interpretations of the moves
  • Comments discuss techniques for specific steps
  • Viewers recommend songs and hope for more music/challenges from Makhathini


  • Users debate whether this or “Phoyisa” has the better routine
  • Many recommend the best apps/filters to use for dance videos
  • Subreddits like r/TikTok share favorite renditions of the challenge

Across platforms, Makhathini is receiving high praise for creating such an engaging viral moment. The discussions showcase how her artistry resonates widely today.

The runaway success of Cindy Makhathini’s “Ceiling” TikTok challenge proves her power as a rising musical force. Seamlessly blending captivating vocals, rhythmic beats, and lively dances, she has honed a signature sound that connects with millions.

As one of South Africa’s most promising young talents, Makhathini’s music instills joy and confidence in listeners across the globe. Her sensational songs and choreography continue wowing fans while skyrocketing her burgeoning career.

For those eager to move to exhilarating Amapiano-pop, Makhathini is certainly an artist to watch. As she continues ascending to new heights, her future catalog surely promises more viral hits that will have the whole world dancing.

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