Video of Keke Palmer Captured on Camera Being Assaulted by Darius Jackson at Her Private Residence

Keke Palmer and her former boyfriend, Darius Jackson, share a child named Leonis Andrellton Jackson, born in February 2023. The couple had separated before the child was born.

Recently, Palmer has filed a court petition seeking custody of their child and requesting a restraining order against Jackson, accusing him of multiple instances of violence against her.

Security footage captures the abuse

According to court records provided by Palmer, she has video footage from her family’s security camera capturing Jackson rushing to attack her. The video shows Jackson grabbing her by the neck and pushing her onto a sofa.

Still frames from the video also depict Jackson grabbing her hair and choking her on the stairs. Palmer alleges that this is not the first time Jackson has been violent towards her.

Palmer alleges repeated abuse

In her lawsuit, Palmer states that she has been physically assaulted and harassed by Jackson multiple times in the past. She accuses Jackson of damaging her personal property, making threats with a gun, physically assaulting her in front of their son, and more.

Palmer describes her relationship with Jackson as toxic and controlling, feeling isolated and having every social relationship controlled.

Palmer is determined to protect her child and herself

With the evidence presented, Palmer hopes the court will grant her request for a restraining order against Jackson. This would prevent him from approaching her and potentially harming her and their son.

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Palmer is also determined to secure sole custody of their child following allegations of Jackson’s violent behavior. She vows to do everything in her power to protect her son and shield their lives from danger.

The case is garnering attention from the online community and media. Palmer has received sympathy and support for speaking out against domestic violence. Fans hope she will soon achieve the justice she deserves.

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