Vernest Moore Death, Designer, Model Goes Viral To Honor Dead Friend At Open-Casket Viewing

Vernest Moore Obituary, Death – Friends and relatives of the late fashion designer Vernest Moore gathered in Newark for a “Red Carpet Viewing” the week before his death on October 22. Moore passed away the previous week. The presence of a red carpet that reached all the way to the open casket of Vernest was the finishing touch that brought the party to a successful conclusion.

There is no question that Erica L. Carrington, a model who is Moore’s acquaintance, desired to leave an impression on Vernest. On the red carpet, she put up her best performance by striking poses, pausing for photographs, and walking the runway. The crowd made it quite evident that they liked themselves by cheering for Erica when she halted to blow Vernest a kiss at his casket before standing once more in front of it. This is demonstrated by the fact that they gave the impression that they enjoyed it.

Erica wrote in the letter that she gave to her friend, “I CAN’T BELIEVE this would be my final walk for you, so I WON’T. From this moment on…even if I’m not walking FOR YOU, I’ll be walking WITH YOU, because I know that you will ALWAYS be with me. ” The walk that Erica took received a lot of acclaim from other people on social media, with many of them saying things like, “I pray that when it’s my time… all of my creative friends like yourself arrive with this type of energy.”

Erica’s walk has garnered a lot of positive feedback, but it has also left some users of social media scratching their heads. Another person sent their feedback, which was basically, “I appreciate every aspect of this. Funerals are supposed to be joyous occasions, and this was such an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind way to celebrate the life of the person who passed away.

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