Tyler Barnett Missing, Houma, Louisiana, Coast Guard Searches For Missing Cruise Ship Passenger

Tyler Barnett Missing – It has been confirmed by the United States Coast Guard that they are currently engaged in a vigorous search for a man who is believed to have been aboard the cruise ship Carnival Glory. This individual is originally from Houma.

The gentleman who has been reported missing is a Houma native by the name of Tyler Barnett, according to a member of the missing man’s family who has been contacted. The ship left the Port of New Orleans on Sunday, and it was presumably not long after that when he was last spotted missing. His disappearance was reported as having occurred on Sunday.

“after the crew of the cruise ship could not locate him aboard the vessel,” the United States Coast Guard stated in an interview with WWL Louisiana, “the Coast Guard launched an H144 aircraft from Mobile, Alabama and a C130 aircraft from St. Petersburg, Florida and searched for the unaccounted missing passenger.” [C]oast Guard officials vouched for the veracity of this material.

The Coast Guard has established a search area that spans around 200 miles, and a message warning ships in the Gulf of Mexico about the passenger who has gone missing has been broadcast over the radio. The Coast Guard is hopeful that they will find the passenger soon.

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