Tyler Barnett Missing, Frantic Search For Carnival Glory Cruise Ship Passenger

Tyler Barnett Missing – An extensive search is being conducted for passenger Tyler Barnett, 28, who ‘disappeared into thin air’ when the cruise ship Carnival Glory was sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. A missing passenger on a Carnival Cruise was identified as a 28-year-old male who had been on the trip for one week and was located somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. The missing passenger has been identified as Tyler Barnett, and the hunt for him has been intensified. Barnett is a guy from Houma, Louisiana, and he is 28 years old. The last known location of Barnett was aboard the Carnival Glory cruise ship.

According to the organization, “We are currently searching a large area that encompasses more than 200 miles of the ship’s voyage path due to the uncertainty of when he may have gone overboard.” The search is being carried out because it is unknown when he may have gone overboard and we want to find him as soon as possible. The Carnival Cruise Corporation asserts that they do not have any CCTV footage that could prove that Barnett fell overboard from the ship and that they are unable to locate any such material.

“The Carnival Glory does not have footage or specific evidence that shows he went overboard,” the USCG Heartland told Fox News Digital. “However, since he was not located on the vessel, we are currently searching for a potential person in the water.” Caitlin Barnett, a relative of the passenger who vanished, posted the following message on Facebook: “Every ship needs proper cameras and fall detection or not sail.” The news hits me right in the stomach. However, it was revealed that Barnett’s passenger card was used at the onboard casino at approximately 12:15 am on Monday morning, and it was used again at approximately 12:27 am to enter his room; however, his bed appeared to be “untouched.”

On Monday, at approximately 7:30 in the morning, officials aboard the vessel began searching for the individual who had gone missing. At approximately 1:00 in the afternoon, the United States Coast Guard joined the search operations being conducted by the officials aboard the vessel via air, as well as via boats and vessels.

Barnett was reportedly spotted by two relatives who were also onboard the ship at 11:40 p.m. on Sunday night; but, when his stateroom was examined on Monday, he was not there. The family has reported this information to the authorities.Because the members of the crew were unable to locate Barnett anywhere on the vessel, the New Orleans sector of the United States Coast Guard despatched an H144 aircraft from Mobile, Alabama, and a C130 aircraft from St. Petersburg, Florida, to assist in the nocturnal search operations. Barnett was reported missing after the crew members were unable to locate him anywhere on the vessel.

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