Tusky Valley High School Students Accident, 3 dead, 15 injured in crash on I-70 in Licky County, Ohio

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Tragically, an accident occurred on an Ohio roadway that resulted in three fatalities and fifteen injuries. On their way to the Ohio School Boards Association conference in Columbus, high school students and chaperones from Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools were on a charter bus when the incident occurred. Details of the crash’s severity and the emergency services’ continuing response are becoming clear as the community struggles to process the shock.

The fateful collision occurred around 8:45 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, prompting an immediate response from emergency personnel across Licking County and eastern Franklin County. The charter bus, operated by Pioneer Trails, a family-owned bus business based in Millersburg, Holmes County, was reportedly involved in the crash with a semi-truck. Photographs from the scene reveal the wreckage, including at least one other passenger vehicle, indicating a complex and multi-vehicle accident.

The toll on those aboard the bus is profound, with three individuals losing their lives and 15 sustaining injuries. Licking County Emergency Management Agency Director Sean Grady confirmed that 57 people were on the bus at the time of the crash. The injured have been transported to several local hospitals, including Licking Memorial Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, OhioHealth Pickerington Methodist Hospital, and Mount Carmel East Hospital. The severity of the injuries and the conditions of the victims remain unclear, heightening the community’s sense of grief and concern.

School District’s Response

Derek Varansky, superintendent for Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools, took to Facebook to address the incident and its impact on the school community. Varansky expressed the district’s awareness of potential serious injuries and emphasized their commitment to supporting the affected families. As details continue to emerge, the school district is actively working on communication and assistance for the students, chaperones, and their families. Plans for upcoming school days and events are under consideration, with updates promised as they become available.

Emergency Response and Mass Casualty Incident

Emergency services have classified the incident as a “mass casualty incident, level 3,” signifying the potential for 10 or more injuries and a demand for extensive paramedic, fire crew, and hospital readiness across the region. It is important to note that the term “casualty” in this context doesn’t exclusively refer to fatalities but encompasses both fatal and nonfatal injuries. The designation underscores the magnitude of the incident and the coordinated effort required to manage the aftermath.

Ongoing Investigation and Closure of Highway

As emergency crews continue to assess the situation, the affected highway remains closed in both directions. The closure is essential for the investigation, allowing authorities to reconstruct the events leading to the crash and determine the factors contributing to this tragic incident. Traffic disruptions are expected to persist as the investigation unfolds, highlighting the need for patience and cooperation from the community.

The charter bus and semi-truck crash in Ohio has left a community in mourning, grappling with the loss of three lives and the injuries sustained by 15 others. As the investigation proceeds, the focus remains on supporting the affected families and understanding the circumstances surrounding this tragic event. In the face of such heart-wrenching incidents, communities must come together to provide solace, strength, and support to those affected, emphasizing the importance of safety measures on our roads and the well-being of every individual in our society.

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