Tony Roisum Obituary Idaho Falls, ID Certified Family Physician has passed away

Tony Roisum Death Notice – Born on May 16, 1959, in Grand Forks, ND, Tony Craig Roisum, a beloved figure, bid adieu on December 16, 2023, surrounded by his loving family due to complications from Acute Myeloid Leukemia. His departure leaves a void, but his indomitable spirit and cherished memories linger on.

An open house commemorating his life is scheduled for Saturday, December 23, 2023, at The DEC (Downtown Event Center) from 2-4 PM. It’s a time to honor and cherish the multifaceted life of Tony.

Tony Roisum was often humorously described as ornery, prickly, and unapologetic – a personality that charmed and intrigued those around him. His distinct humor included playful jabs like, “If you thought you were his friend, you’re wrong. Boom, roasted!” Beneath this jest lay a man of profound care and dedication.

In his roles as a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, physician, and friend, Tony exemplified unparalleled dedication. His unyielding work ethic, determination, competitiveness, and reliability were matched only by his passion for life and undying commitment to his craft. Tony approached life with a stoic resolve, facing challenges head-on without ever compromising his values.

Despite battling illness, Tony’s resilience was unwavering. He remained undeterred, finding solace in his work as a physician and even managing to indulge in his passion for golf whenever possible.

In celebrating Tony’s life, we reflect not only on his professional achievements but also on the deep bonds he cultivated. He leaves behind a legacy of perseverance, compassion, and unwavering strength.

Tony Craig Roisum will forever be remembered for his larger-than-life presence, his infectious humor, and the lasting impact he had on all who were fortunate enough to know him. As we gather to honor his memory, let us carry forth his remarkable spirit and the invaluable lessons he imparted upon us all.

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