Tatum Goodwin Murder, Laguna Beach California, Woman, 27, Found Dead Behind Movie Theater In Elite Laguna Beach

Tatum Goodwin Murder – The young restaurant manager who was very well liked by her customers is the focus of the homicide investigators’ investigation as they attempt to piece together her final moments of life. On Saturday evening, her battered body was found a few feet away from the bar in Laguna Beach, California.

She had been put to death by blunt force trauma. Tatum Goodwin, who was 27 years old at the time, was having a wonderful day catching up with friends at the renowned California resort. In order to carry on with their night out, the gang had made their way to Hennessey’s Tavern, which is located on Ocean Avenue.

A construction worker found her body just over six hours later in a car park around the corner from where she had been working at Carmelita’s for the past four years. The car park was located behind an old movie theater. A neighbor in the area claims to have heard the screams at approximately two in the morning.

“It has repercussions that extend beyond just me. According to Marcos Heredia, who is in charge of operating the restaurant, it has had a big impact on a large section of our team. To put it more simply, she was a wonderful person who in no way deserved the terrible things that were done to her.

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