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Sue Carol Rudicell Obituary, Death – Sue Carol Rudicell, who had reached the age of 88 at the time of her passing, passed away in the tranquil setting of her home on November 12, 2023. She had been a resident there for 88 years. On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, members of the family of the deceased will be able to pay their respects at the Hamilton First Baptist Church at a visitation service. The fellowship hall of the church will serve as the location of the visitation. The gathering will take place in the afternoon as it has been planned. After that, there will be a private service held at the graveside in the Rudicell Cemetery later on the same day in the afternoon.

Sheila Shotts and Jeff Rudicell, both of whom are believed to be among the survivors due to their marriages to other members of the family, are the family’s kids. Sheila Shotts and Jeff Rudicell are the offspring of the family and are both considered to be survivors. Sheila is married to Don Shotts, and Cindy Rudicell is Jeff Rudicell’s wife. Jeff Rudicell is married to Cindy Rudicell. In addition to this, Jeff Rudicell is a devoted family man who is married and has several children. Ethan Rudicell, Carman (Justin) Cunniff, Lesley Shotts, and Samantha Shotts are among the grandchildren who are the grandchildren of Lesley and Samantha Shotts, who are also the grandparents of a number of other grandchildren. It is generally agreed that Lesley Shotts and her sister Samantha Shotts are both members of this group.

Additionally, Lesley Shotts is a member of this group that we’re talking about. Lexi, Lucy, and Lawson are the names of the family’s three Great Grandchildren who all live in the Rudicell household. The second generation of this family includes Ayva Bentley, Scarlett Cunniff, Jesse Cunniff, and Elliott Cunniff, in addition to Scarlett and Jesse. Additionally, this family has three members who are old enough to be considered Great Grandchildren. Their names are Lexi Rudicell, Lucy Rudicell, and Lawson Rudicell. Her infant daughter Tammy Rudicell and her husband Carmon Wayne (Bud) Rudicell both passed died from the illnesses and conditions that they had been facing prior to their deaths before they passed away. This occurred before the mother passed away herself. His name is Barry Rudicell, and he is the one who is referred to as the step-son. He is the one who was adopted by the family. The family has requested that in lieu of sending conventional flower tributes, monetary donations be sent to the Hamilton First Baptist Building Fund in lieu of these customary floral tributes. In lieu of the more traditional gesture of sending flowers as a show of condolence, the family has requested that monetary donations be sent to the Hamilton First Baptist Building Fund instead. 205-921-3282

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