Sheriff Dorning Obituary, HMCHS Past President and Former Madison County Has Died

Sheriff Dorning Obituary, Death Cause – On November 14, 2023, the law enforcement community, as well as the residents of Madison County, mourned the loss of a dedicated public servant, HMCHS Past President, and former Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning. After a valiant struggle against cancer, Sheriff Dorning left behind a legacy of integrity, faith, honor, courage, and compassion that will be remembered for years to come.

A Man of Distinction:

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office, in a heartfelt tribute on their social media platforms, described Sheriff Blake Dorning as a man of distinction. They wrote, “Sheriff Blake Dorning was a man of integrity, faith, honor, courage, and duty. But most of all, and at his very core, Blake was a man of compassion.” Throughout his years of service, Sheriff Dorning exemplified the qualities that define an outstanding law enforcement officer. His commitment to upholding the law with integrity and honor earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and the community he served.

Compassion at the Core:

The Sheriff’s Office emphasized the profound compassion that was at the core of Sheriff Dorning’s character. In a profession that often requires toughness, Sheriff Dorning stood out for his ability to approach his duties with empathy and understanding. His compassion was not just a trait; it was a guiding principle that influenced the way he interacted with both his colleagues and the citizens of Madison County.

Sheriff Kevin Turner’s Reflection:

Sheriff Kevin Turner, a close colleague and friend of Blake Dorning, shared his reflections on the passing of the former Madison County Sheriff. “Sheriff Blake Dorning was not only a mentor to many in the law enforcement community but also a dear friend. His dedication to duty, his unwavering courage, and his compassionate spirit set a standard that will be challenging to match.”

Sheriff Turner highlighted the impact Sheriff Dorning had on shaping the ethos of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. “Blake’s legacy will continue to resonate within these walls. His leadership, marked by a balance of toughness and compassion, created a culture of service that will endure for generations.”

A Community in Mourning:

As news of Sheriff Dorning’s passing spread throughout Madison County, the community united in mourning the loss of a beloved figure. Citizens, community leaders, and fellow law enforcement officers expressed their condolences and shared stories of Sheriff Dorning’s positive influence on their lives.


The passing of HMCHS Past President and Former Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning on November 14, 2023, marks the end of an era for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and the community it serves. Sheriff Dorning’s legacy as a man of integrity, faith, honor, courage, and above all, compassion, will be remembered as a shining example of dedicated public service. The impact he had on the lives of those he served and worked alongside is immeasurable, leaving an indelible mark on Madison County’s law enforcement community.

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