Santi Baral Kanda gained fame through a viral video on TikTok.

Recently, the name Santi Baral Kanda has caused a stir on social media after she conducted a provocative livestream to attract the attention of her fans.

Santi Baral Kanda, a 22-year-old, is known as a famous TikToker with over 500,000 followers, thanks to her dance and entertainment videos. However, in a recent live stream, she continuously performed sexy dance moves and posed seductively to capture the audience’s attention.

Specifically, Santi danced with provocative hip sways, sensually caressed her body, all while wearing revealing attire. These actions were deemed overly provocative and indecent. The livestream video was later widely shared online, attracting millions of views and a strong wave of opposition.

Many condemned Santi for deliberately exploiting sensitive content for views. They viewed it as an unethical act that negatively influences young people. The hashtag #BoycottSantiBaral emerged and quickly trended on Twitter.

Faced with strong opposition, Santi was compelled to issue an apology. However, many still criticized her for needing a more sincere form of apology and urged her to learn profound lessons to avoid similar scandals in the future.

This incident highlights the need for celebrities to exercise careful judgment when using provocative content to avoid negatively impacting the community. Additionally, social media platforms should implement stricter management measures to limit the exploitation of sensitive content.

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Fan Reactions to the Livestream

When Santi Baral Kanda’s provocative livestream video was circulated, her fan community had very different reactions.

Initially, thousands of Santi’s enthusiastic fans were present to watch and fervently support her as she performed sexy and provocative dance moves. They believed that Santi was simply creating entertaining content and saw nothing wrong with it. However, shortly thereafter, a strong wave of opposition erupted.

Many fans felt shocked and outraged by their idol’s overly aggressive and thoughtless actions. They believed that Santi had exploited sensitive content for views and profit. Consequently, the boycott movement and calls for her to be banned spread rapidly. In fact, many former fans stopped following and turned away from Santi.

The division within Santi’s fan community is evident. One side still seeks to defend her and give her a chance to make amends. On the other hand, some have completely lost trust and cannot accept their idol’s wrongdoing. This shows that scandals can have a serious impact on the image and career of Santi Baral Kanda.

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