Nicholas Hendrix Obituary, Gilbert SC Resident Has Passed Away

Nicholas Hendrix Obituary, Death Cause – On August 6, 2023, Nick Robert Hendrix went away from cancer. Nick’s birthday is February 9, 1961. Fishing, watching football games, and spending time with his family, especially his grandkids Korbin, Asher, and Zaida, were all sources of great joy for him throughout his life. During his lifespan, Nick took numerous titles and roles, but it was the job of “Papaw” that carried the greatest meaning for him. Nick was a really generous person, always willing to help out a stranger. His grandchildren, however, were the ones who truly captured his heart and inspired him to go above and beyond for them.

Nick is survived by his wife of 37 years, Lori; their three sons, Matthew, Dylan, and Garrett; the wives of his sons, Tabitha and Kalyn; Korbin, Asher, and Zaida; his sisters, Kathy Campbell and Becky Plyler; and his brother, Junior Hendrix. Korbin, Asher, and Zaida, Nick’s grandchildren, are also among the living. His father, Junior Hendrix, is the only surviving member of his family. Vivian Crotts Hendrix, Nick’s mother, passed away before he did. Not only that, but “Uncle Nick” also has many cherished nieces and nephews who he will sadly be leaving behind.

Nick’s life teaches us two valuable lessons: first, the need of always being there for other people, and second, the necessity of not putting oneself last all the time. These two lessons are among many that can be learned from Nick’s life, but they stand out. Nick was always helpful to those who needed it and friendly to anyone who came into contact with him. Many people will hold fond memories of him because he stepped in when it appeared that no one else would. Everyone knew that Nick would make everyone laugh as soon as he walked through the door. Nick has the unique ability to inject humor and lightheartedness into otherwise bleak circumstances.

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