Michael Gaither Obituary, Springfield IL Resident Craig Burch Dies

Michael Gaither Obituary, Death Cause – On Friday, January 31, 2014, Michael E. Gaither, age 56, passed away at Cypress Manor in Hancock. Michael E. Gaither was a resident of Hancock and lived on Prospect Street. He was born on July 27, 1957 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to parents named Charles Eugene Gaither and Genevieve Gaither. He is known as the son of Genevieve Gaither. Stockbridge High School, which may be found in the city of Stockbridge in Michigan, is where Mike earned his high school graduation.

During the course of his 25 years at Adair Printing Technologies in Dexter, Michigan, he began his career in the printing industry working as a machinist on the printing press. Over the course of his time there, he finally worked his way up to the position of manager of production control. After meeting Gwen Anderson in 2011, he decided to uproot his life and move to Hancock as a result of their interaction. In 2012, they made the news public that they were getting engaged. Mike enjoyed being outside a great deal in his spare time.

Sunsets and camping trips were two of his favorite things to do in the world. He was obsessed with sports, and he and Gwen had a heated rivalry going on between the Lions and the Packers. He had a wide-ranging appreciation for music and was often seen at live performances. In addition to that, he had great pleasure in traveling all across the Upper Peninsula by car in order to soak in the Upper Peninsula’s stunning beauty. His grandpa, also named Charles Gaither, and his father, also named Charles Gaither, both died before he was born.

Annie Gaither, the deceased man’s grandma, also passed away. The only members of his direct family to have survived his death were his mother, Genevieve Gaither, his grandmother, Dorothy Heyer, his brother, Greg Gaither, his uncle, Paul Gaither, and his fiancee, Gwen Anderson. All of these individuals are named Gaither. A memorial ceremony will be held in the O’Neill-Dennis Funeral Home in Hancock on Monday, February 24, 2014 at seven o’clock in the evening. The date of the service is February 24.

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