Logan Dunne Missing, Peoria IL, Coroner identified body found in the woods Sunday

Logan Dunne Missing – The remains of a missing Brimfield man, identified as Logan Dunne, were discovered in the woods late on Sunday morning, according to the Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood, who verified the identification to 25News. About half a year had passed by the time that Logan Dunne’s body was located after he had been reported missing.

On Sunday morning about 11:15, a hunter came across the bones of the skeleton, which were located to the east of the 300 block of North Kickapoo Creek Road. The discovery took place in that general area. According to Harwood’s report, dental data were utilized in the process of accurately identifying the subject, who is 32 years old at this time.

On June 2nd, Dunne discharged himself from Carle Health Methodist Hospital, where he had been admitted earlier in the month for treatment of mental illness. Dunne had been getting therapy there since the beginning of the month.

“There was nothing initially found on scene to suggest foul play, but the investigation is ongoing and subject to change,” Sheriff Chris Watkins stated in a news statement that was issued before Harwood confirmed the body’s identify. This claim was made before Harwood confirmed the identity of the deceased person. This comment was made by Harwood before he had confirmed the identification of the deceased. Harwood made the remark before he had established beyond a reasonable doubt that the deceased person was the person in question.

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