Logan Dunne Missing, Help Find Peoria IL Missing Resident

Logan Dunne Missing, Missing – Lieutenant Bryan Sylvester of the Peoria Police Department confirmed that the hospital contacted them on June 2 to report a missing patient. Officers were promptly dispatched to search the vicinity. In an attempt to gather information, officers also visited Logan’s home in Brimfield, Illinois, a community approximately 20 minutes away from the hospital. The Dunnes, initially assuming this was a follow-up visit, were unaware that their son was missing. The police presence, often accompanying counselors for safety, did not raise immediate alarms.

Unbeknownst to Logan’s family, a critical misunderstanding prolonged their realization of his disappearance. Despite repeated calls to the hospital over the weekend of June 2, they received the same evasive response, maintaining the hospital’s inability to confirm or deny Logan’s presence. It wasn’t until Monday, June 5, that the devastating truth unfolded Logan was not at the hospital. The revelation came from a family friend whose son, a police officer in Peoria, saw Logan’s name on a report and notified his father, who, in turn, informed the Dunnes.

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