Keith Ransford Obituary, Keith Ransford Has Passed Away

Keith Ransford Obituary, Death – On November 18, 2023, friends, family, and community members will gather to celebrate the life of Keith Ransford Legge, a beloved individual who left an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to know him. This commemoration will take place at Trinity United Church in Mindemoya, Ontario, providing a space for remembrance, reflection, and honoring a life well-lived. The event will include visitation, a special Eastern Star and Masonic Service, a funeral service, and a post-service luncheon. In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests donations to the Mindemoya Curling Club or Mindemoya Hospital. Keith Ransford Legge, a cherished member of the community, will be remembered not only for his contributions to various organizations but also for the warmth, kindness, and positive impact he had on the lives of those around him.

The celebration will commence with a visitation period from 1:30 to 3:30 pm, allowing friends and family the opportunity to share stories, memories, and offer condolences. This informal gathering sets the tone for a day dedicated to honoring the rich tapestry of Keith’s life, emphasizing the importance of community and connection. At 3:30 pm, a special Eastern Star and Masonic Service will be conducted, symbolizing Keith’s longstanding commitment to these organizations. This service will pay homage to the fraternal bonds that played a significant role in Keith’s life, reflecting the values of fellowship, charity, and mutual support. Following the Masonic Service, the funeral service will take place at Trinity United Church, located at 6070 King St., Mindemoya, Ontario.

This sacred space, filled with memories of joyous occasions and communal gatherings, will provide the backdrop for a heartfelt farewell to a man who touched the lives of many. The service will serve as a tribute to Keith’s life, character, and the enduring impact he had on his community. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Mindemoya Curling Club or Mindemoya Hospital. These organizations held special significance for Keith, reflecting his passion for community engagement and the well-being of those around him. Contributions made in his memory will serve as a lasting tribute, supporting causes that align with his values

Following the funeral service, a luncheon (a cold supper) will be hosted at the Mindemoya Curling Club. This gathering offers an opportunity for attendees to share stories, reminisce, and find solace in one another’s company. In this spirit of communal support, the luncheon symbolizes the interconnectedness that Keith cherished throughout his life. The Legge family extends a warm welcome to all who wish to join in celebrating Keith Ransford Legge’s life. Whether you knew him as a friend, colleague, or community member, your presence is valued as we come together to honor a life characterized by kindness, generosity, and a commitment to community service. As we gather to celebrate his life, we reflect on the legacy of a man who exemplified community spirit, fellowship, and a commitment to making a difference.

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