Elva Flintoff Obituary, Huia Rugby Club Dedicated Supporter has passed away

Elva Flintoff Obituary, Death – The Huia Rugby Club has been hit hard by the news of the passing of one of their most ardent supporters, and their hearts are filled with grief at the loss. The organization will always remember this person with the deepest sense of gratitude and respect. Throughout the years, Elva Flintoff and her husband Dave could be seen frequently cheering on the Senior teams from the sidelines or going along with them on the bus when they traveled to away games with the Senior squads.

Additionally, Dave Flintoff was a member of the Senior teams for many years. Elva passed away earlier this week at the age of 99, and the Huia Committee, together with the administration and players, would like to offer their most heartfelt condolences and sympathy to Elva’s family during this difficult time.

In recognition of the fact that Dave and Elva have been two of the club’s most ardent fans over the course of its history, the club bestowed the status of “Life Member” on both of them in the 1990s in order to show their appreciation for their continued support of the organization. Elva, I hope you have a safe voyage, and may you finally find the peace you seek.

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