Craig Garmyn Obituary, Lansing Michigan, Death Funeral And Visitation

Craig Garmyn Obituary, Death Cause – Gump’s legacy extends beyond his professional endeavors. At the core of his being was a devotion to family that defined his existence. He is survived by his father, Richard Garmyn, and siblings: Gary Garmyn, Cathy Garmyn, Tom (Carrie) Garmyn, Keith (Jane) Garmyn, and Mo (Toby) Parisian. Gump’s familial bonds were a source of strength and support throughout his life, shaping the person he became.

In the Garmyn family tapestry, Gump played a pivotal role, leaving an enduring impact on his nieces and nephews: Brittany, Brandon, Justin, Carly Jo, Bradley, Evan, and Blake. His presence, marked by love and guidance, created memories that will be cherished by generations to come. The great nephews, Bennett, Murphy, Calvin, and Aiden, were recipients of Gump’s affection, enriching their lives with the warmth of family ties.

Gump’s journey through life was shared with a loyal companion—his best friend, Leo, the faithful dog who stood by his side through thick and thin. Their bond was a testament to Gump’s capacity for love and the ability to form connections that transcended words.

However, life also marked Gump with moments of profound loss. Preceding him in death were his mother, Patricia, and a sister-in-law, Gretchen Garmyn. Their absence cast shadows of grief, but Gump’s legacy illuminated the family’s path, reminding them of the enduring power of love and shared memories.

As Lansing mourns the passing of Richard “Gump” Garmyn, the community reflects on a life well-lived—one that embraced education, family, entrepreneurship, and the simple joys of camaraderie. In honoring Gump’s memory, Lansing acknowledges the loss of a son who carried the city’s spirit in his heart and contributed to its vibrancy. The echoes of Gump’s laughter, the aroma of his barbecue, and the warmth of his familial bonds will remain etched in the collective memory of Lansing, a testimony to the profound impact of one

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