Carla Anderson Missing, Wadena MN, Authorities continue search for woman reported missing since 1987

Carla Anderson Missing – 36 years after Carla Anderson disappeared without a trace, the unsolved mystery of her disappearance still looms large over the small Minnesotan town of Wadena, where investigators are always looking for new information. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is still devoted to solving the mystery surrounding Anderson’s final hours, doing all in its power to provide closure to a community that has been living in fear for almost forty years.

The narrative of Carla Anderson started on the fateful evening of November 13, 1987, when her mother and stepfather dropped her off at her apartment. It was a happy occasion, as the family had come together for supper to honor Anderson on being named employee of the month. They had no idea that this seemingly routine night would set the stage for an intriguing mystery that has persisted for years.

The sole evidence of Anderson’s existence after that night, according to the authorities, was in her apartment. Her personal items and pocketbook were abandoned, leaving no trace of her whereabouts. Investigators were perplexed and the town was shocked by the abrupt and total disappearance of a woman who was described as 5 feet tall, 80 pounds, with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.

The inquiry into Carla Anderson’s disappearance throughout the years has further strengthened the suspicions of criminal play. Law enforcement is asking for any information that could throw light on the case because they have no solid leads or proof and are at a loss. Carla Anderson would be 59 years old today, and time hasn’t done much to lessen her loved ones’ suffering or sense of unease. The gap she left behind has come to represent the community’s unresolved pain and serve as a continual reminder that justice and closure are still far off.

The Minnesota BCA and the Wadena Police Department are still pleading for anyone who knows anything about Carla Anderson’s disappearance to come forward. For anyone who may have the answer to this long-standing mystery, the Wadena Police Department at 218-631-7700 and the toll-free hotline 877-996-6222 serve as beacons.

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